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Colombian Corruption - 1109 Words

when notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, he basically had bought most of Colombia and everyone in it. Many would think that the death of such powerful drug lord would end most of the corruption, but instead the Cali cartel came on top and the drug war continues. Some hectic headlines were that the past president Ernesto Samper was accused receive money from drug lords for his electoral campaign. The year 2011 was when the former Mayor of Bogotà ¡ the capital of Colombia, was convicted for irregularities of phony business contracts. In February 2014 many high ranking Colombian army officials were exposed that they were taking bribes. According to U.S News â€Å"..recent reports reveal that the Brazilian construction company has been bribing the†¦show more content†¦A huge operation that is widely known in Brazil would be Operation Car Wash, this operation consisted of an money laundry investigation and the discovery of bribery and pay outs dealing with the Petrobras oil comp any which was also carried out by the federal police. This search executed a lot of warrants and concluded with the arrest of many important political figures such as, former president of Brazil but now is a current senator, speaker of the chamber of deputies and chief of the treasury of workers stated by the New York times. The webpage also reported that â€Å" The charges are nothing less than sweeping: Prosecutors say that Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of Brazil’s lower house of Congress, took as much as $40 million in bribes for himself and his allies, plundering Petrobras, the government-controlled oil company, while laundering money through an evangelical megachurch.† This scandal prompt even more distrust among the public and its government, which made tensions worse. Brazils bureaucracy has had it’s ups and downs, but due to the oil companies, the country has been absorbed from its loyal civilians and money. In the country of Nicaragua, it is ranked 145 out of 176 corrupt countries in the world and the spot 176 being the most corrupted one. Corruption is very seriousShow MoreRelatedA Very Old Man With Enormous Wings971 Words   |  4 Pagesby Gabriel Garcia Marques â€Å"A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings† this is portray, by showing how cruel and imperfect society can be. In the beginning of the story the weather in Mocondo the town where the story takes place, is used as a symbol of corruption. In Mocondo is always dark and rainy, interpreting how the villagers themselves are also dark and corrupt. An early description of the setting in the story illustrates how in Mocondo it used to be sunny all the time but it â€Å"had become a stew ofRead More1. Who are the country’s main competitors and how is it positioned relative to these main1100 Words   |  5 PagesAmerica Caribbean sector, just above Venezuela, according to 2012 data provided by The World Bank . Due to the lack of qualified labor force, high level of debts (including government debts), and the negative perception of the government due to corruption, Dominican Republic’s inflow is very low compared to its competitors. In fact, Brazil’s broad surface, rapid growth in the industrial sector and large labor force available are crucial factors leading to the nation being the most popular locationRead MoreThe Colombian Confederation Of Chambers Of Commerce2337 Words   |  10 Pages Case study: Colombia The Colombian Confederation of Chambers of Commerce (Confecà ¡maras) recognized that Colombia had a set of norms and instruments for detecting, controlling, and punishing corrupt practices in Colombia. However, these mechanisms were not often applied, partly because of corrupt politicians. Confecà ¡maras worked with local businesses to have clear rules and codes of conduct in procurement processes and to demonstrate the benefits of compliance. With input from local business leadersRead MoreColombia s Struggle With Domestic Guerilla Groups And Drug Cartels1489 Words   |  6 Pagescaused by difference in culture or beliefs. Corruption within their own government has left Colombia without legitimate authority; the citizens have nobody to trust, be helped by, or be defended by. Colombia has the potential to institute a stable and effective government, but it has some major complications holding it back. Colombia has been in constant war and armed conflict, domestic and foreign, since the early 19th century; to make matters worse, corruption within their own government has left ColombiaRead MoreColombia And The Colombian Armed Conflict931 Words   |  4 Pagesarmed conflict for more than six decades. The causes for the Colombian armed conflict can be more than one which include the conflict over land ownership, the existence of marked economic differences, the pursuit of civilians because of their political orientation. It a lso highlights the persistence of guerrillas with communist orientation and the existence of drug traffickers that have involved their corruption to all levels of the Colombian sociaty. The narco guerrillas and drug traffickers have givenRead MoreThe Created Superior Council Encompassed Two Houses, Namely1328 Words   |  6 Pagesencompassed two houses, namely Administrative and Disciplinary units. The core responsibility of this council is to deliver the requirements by the judicial career. This, along with the changes in the constitutional structures lightened the rights of the Colombians as the human rights were added into the new constitution thus protecting their interests. Following the continuous low ranking in this system, the World Bank, in 2009 introduced projects that strengthen the judicial operations in Colombia. ThisRead MoreA Very Old Man With Enormous Wings1713 Words   |  7 Pagesbeing at war all the time has cultivated strength, perseverance and a belief system uniquely embedded within the Colombian people. You can find this in the famous story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings written by Colombian legend Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Of course, it is truly no surprise that these traits are not only found in but absolutely bleed through the literature written by Colombian natives. The hardships of daily life and the deep belief in mysticism shapes their everyday. Politics and religionRead MoreDrug Cartel Control in Columbia867 Words   |  3 Pagesdominated the world cocaine trade. Both cartels were made up of several different drug-trafficking organizations, each containing its own specific organizational structure. These cartels hid their cocaine production labs in remote, jungle regions, where Colombian insurgent groups provided them cover. In exchange for this cover, rebel groups such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia derived much of their funding from the cartels. The cartels were also strong advocates toward bribing. Whether it isRead MoreUnited States Vs Cologo803 Words   |  4 Pagessocieties of the Northern States, which rejected slavery, and the aristocracy of the southern landowners, owner of immense plantations that employed a million slaves, and saw in the suppression of slavery the end of their way of life. Colombian conservative party: The Colombian Conservative Party is a traditional political party of Colombia. Currently the Conservative Party is one of the largest political forces in the Congress of the Republic and is part of the coalition of President Juan Manuel SantosRead MoreThe Drug Crisis Of Colombia1594 Words   |  7 Pagesproblem in Colombia because the government was not capable of overriding these cartels. â€Å"Drug violence also undermined Colombia s formal but deeply exclusionary democracy, particularly during the 1980s, when the Medellin Cartel waged war on the Colombian government†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (Tate). This is an important time in Colombia’s history because here was when Colombia’s government became weak since many judges, police investigators, journalists, and public figures were killed by cartels. Pablo Escobar who is known

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